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That’s probably the biggest question I get when it comes to MAKE UP FOR EVER’s cult favorite foundation, Ultra HD. HD stands for High Definition, which you typically see when shopping for a TV or camera. As of recently, Ultra HD has come out and that basically stands for 4k technology. To sum it up in a nutshell, this means there is a lot more pixels with video + camera which means CRISP AND CLEAR images! As a way to keep up with this, MAKE UP FOR EVER launched the Ultra HD Foundation which was specifically designed and formulated to give medium-full coverage without the heaviness. This helps it appear more natural on videos + pictures since they now pick up even more details than ever before.

Why would this matter to you as an everyday gal? Well, firstly, if you’re having your photo taken (this includes selfies ladies!) then why not wear something that flatters you? In addition, a large sum of people now film themselves (hello YouTube!) and want to appear as flawless as possible. But how does this serve you if you’re looking for an everyday foundation?

| I am using Ultra HD Foundation in R250 with an Artisan #108 + #126 brush to apply and blend. |

Think about it this way… the clearest and most crisp image we will ever see of a person is when we are FACE TO FACE with them! Do you want your people to look at your face, or your foundation? Hmm…face, please! With the super light-weight feel, it is also extremely comfortable to wear everyday. It honestly feels like you are wearing very minimal makeup.

The best news of it all is that Ultra HD is wearable for ALL skin types! The special hyaluronic spheres it has in its formulation helps keep your skin hydrated, but not oily. This is essential for a natural finish to any look since skin naturally as a slight sheen to it. There are also 40 shades to choose from, ranging in cool (Y-yellow) and warm (R-red) tones. You’ll find the first letter in front of the number of your shade. For example, my shade is R250 which is a warmer, aka red, toned formula. Finding your shade can be tricky if you don’t feel experienced enough to do so, so visit a MAKE UP FOR EVER boutique or Sephora to get color matched and be sure to try at LEAST three shades before choosing one! Also keep in mind that most people can wear more than one foundation shade and get away with it, so keep your options open depending on what you feel compliments your skin the best.

My other essentials in addition to wearing the Ultra HD Foundation are featured in the photograph above. I begin by prepping my skin with the Ultra HD Skin Booster to deliver additional hydration to my seriously dry skin! I absolutely noticed a big difference when using this and highly recommend it to anybody with dry skin. Follow up with the booster, I use the Ultra HD concealer in Y23 underneath my eyes to brighten and even out further. I finish up by dusting and setting with a powder. The one featured here is the Ultra HD Pressed Powder in 01. Finally, the last step is to spray and set with Mist & Fix aka the best setting spray I have ever used. This one is a true setting spray and there hasn’t been another than has completely set my makeup the way this does! My favorite brushes for foundation that are featured are the Artisan Brushes #126 (big fluffy brush) #108 (large flat brush) & #144 (small fluffy flat brush). 




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