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        Kat Von D has been an inspiration to many, including myself, for years. When she first began her makeup line she showed unique and creative packaging that has always been my personal favorite. Alongside such exquisite  packaging, her quality of product itself has been one that has had me coming back for more!
        My first KVD beauty products were the Vampira lip stain (a cult fave) and the tattoo liner. The Vampira lip stain offers my favorite finish, matte. It is also a long wear which requires minimal touch ups. This shade itself is a very deep red but there is a much larger selection of colors if you’re on the look out for something else. The tattoo liner is a marker-like eyeliner. This has truly been the ONLY marker liner to date that does not crease on me! I always loved the simplicity of opening a marker and drawing my winged liner but the creasing always drove me nuts and never made it a go to item for me. This is why the tattoo liner holds a special place in my beauty bag… being a waterproof formula, I never have to worry about this product moving.
        With that being said, Kat Von D was so kind enough to send these amazing new products to me! I feel so honored and so excited to use these! They are the Shade + Light eyeshadow quads and Lock-It Color Correcting eye shadow primers. The eyeshadow quads make it incredibly easy to know exactly where to apply each shade if you’re a beginner at makeup or feel overwhelmed by how many steps there can be.
Shade + Light
The shadow pay off is very pigmented, easy to blend and has a really smooth feel to it! I swatched the four special shades from each palette, using the Lock-It shadow primer in fair underneath as a base. The packaging, as usual, is super nice! The palettes feel really light to carry and have a coffin shape to them. I especially love the mirror detailing on the inside which ties up the entire design of the palette.
Shade+Light Eyeshadow
Kat Von D Eyeshadows
Shade+Light swatches
In addition to the new eyeshadow quads KVD Beauty came out with Lock-It Color Correcting eyeshadow primers! There are 5 different shades from light to dark. The product is a twist up creamy pencil stick. The bottom that shows the products shade is removable, exposing a sharpener that you can use to keep your pencil primer sharp. The formula has a skin like appearance and dries down quickly as a waterproof formula. This is especially great for those who suffer with creasing or oily lids. An eyeshadow primer will allow your shades to apply smoother, much more vibrant and last you the entire day without creasing or moving. I love that there are a different variety of shades! A little tip, the darkest shade on a fair or medium complexion can act as a deeper shadow base to allow for an easier smokey eye makeup!
Lock It Color Correcting Primer
Last but not least!!! There is also a double ended eyeshadow brush that comes in a sister-like packaging to the Shade+Light quads. For collectors or those who like to display their makeup on a tray, this is such a lovely piece. It’s especially easy for travel or a way to carry your shading brush for touch ups during the day. One side is a medium dome shape and the other a pencil brush. These are great options for defining the crease, smoking your shadow underneath the eyes or honestly even using as a concealer brush for under the eyes! 
Kat Von D Eyeshadow Brush Kat Von D Makeup
Special thanks to Kat Von D Beauty for sending me these beautiful products to try! I hope it helped you in deciding on your next trip to Sephora where you can find these products and more by Kat Von D!
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