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It isn’t anything new… liquid lipsticks. Everybody has their hands on at least one liquid lippie and it seems like every single brand on the planet is continuously coming out with them, right? I think the biggest challenge over these years has truly been finding the ones that feel just right. Not too drying, not too flakey… it has taken tons of testing from so many to narrow the search down to the best formulas! I think the trickiest of all has been for those who love nude lips. For today’s topic I have put together a list of my favorite nudes from several different brands that live up to the hype of liquid lipstick.

1. Incendio Beauty | Amulet
    This brand is owned + created by one of my lovely friends Donna. She did such an incredible job formulating these liquid lipsticks! They have easily become one of my favorites and the shade Amulet is one that you’ll catch me wearing on the daily. It feels very comfortable on the lips, dries down smooth, and most importantly stays on all day without budging or flaking off! For any ladies who love witchy brands, give Incendio Beauty a peek on Instagram and their website!

2. Sephora Beauty #32 Nude Blush
      Sephora’s cream lip stains have always been my favorites. Not only do they wear very well but they are the most affordable!  This seems to be the only true nude that I have come across when it comes to a liquid lippie. I love how light this shades finish is. They are also very comfortable to wear and I own several different shades with no regrets! They recently re-did their entire line of these and this is from the newest launch.

3. Kylie Cosmetics Dirty Peach
      It was definitely hard to not give into purchasing the Kylie liquid lipsticks. After all, she’s known for her lips, right? I’ve tried a handful of other shades from her line but this shade has been the one I’ve gone back to every time. I love to pair this with the lip pencil is comes with or a deeper brown lip liner. This does tend to fade a bit throughout the day, however the finish it leaves when it does is really nice and I often get compliments on it most when it has!

4. MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liquid Lip #101
     Another amazing formula, MAKE UP FOR EVER launched 6 neutral shades of liquid lipstick. This is definitely an upgrade from their original liquid lipstick formula Aqua Rouge, which is a waterproof formula and can be quite drying if you reapply or have dehydrated lips. The color selection is beautiful and #101 is the first and lightest shade from the collection. I will say… I have applied this liquid lipstick, then decided to brush my teeth (I’m strange, I know…) and the liquid lip was STILL on! This one has the highest staying power out of all of them for me and has more of a velvet finish which is ultra comfortable.

5. Lime Crime Diamond Crusher in DOPE
     So this isn’t a matte finish, but it is a liquid lip and it does dry down completely. The Diamond Crusher collection has a beautiful range of different sparkley colors that instantly change the finish of any lipstick you’re wearing. This adds a unique finish and might I add, they smell AMAZING! This was one of the lighter shades that I love to wear in combination with Incendio Beauty’s Amulet shade.

What are your favorite liquid lipstick formula’s you think I should try?
Leave a comment below to let me know! 

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