Alfredo Beef Pasta + Asparagus

I didn’t expect to get as many DM’s on instagram as I did with the post of this dish, otherwise I totally would have better prepared a post. Last night I needed to desperately make dinner with whatever we had leftover in the fridge/freezer. I typically make meat-less pastas unless I toss in my favorite Trader Joe’s already cooked shredded chicken, but I was feeling more of an urge to cook last night.

I also got this spice last minute at HomeGoods. I was checking out and happened to notice it to the right side of me. The lemon and lime was what really got me and my mouth watered (it’s watering right now!) so I had to try it. Um, it’s DELISH. It was something like $3-$5 too!



Beef (defrosted)
Paprika (you can add zest of lemon + lime to create this seasoning)
Onion Powder
Red pepper + salt + black pepper
Parmesan cheese
Olive oil
Alfredo sauce
Fresh Basil


1. Combine minced garlic, paprika seasoning, onion powder and beef together. Use a skillet with olive oil to cook until browned on stove top. Let the meat cool down in the pan.

2. Boil water and cook your pasta according to however much you decide to make. While this cooks begin to grill asparagus seasoned with salt + pepper.

3. Turn meat skillet back on at a low setting and pour in alfredo sauce to warm up. Drain cooked pasta and pour it into the pan.

4. Add some fresh basil and combine everything together. Once combined, add in cheese and let it melt. Toss around and garnish with red pepper flakes. Remove asparagus from grill and sprinkle parmesan cheese. Serve!

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Home Gym Oasis

It was really important for me to incorporate a workout area in my home. Gyms never really worked out for me because, well, I hate the process of getting there. Driving, parking, going to check in, kicking my butt working out, and having to drag myself home and shower. I simply wanted to exercise in the comfort of my own home whenever I felt like it. This meant having a place dedicated to cardio and meditation/yoga for the convenance of an easy no-excuses type of workout.

Ever since injuring my back I have had stretching homework from physical therapy that I needed to work on. It was especially important for me to have a chill space to listen to uplifting podcasts or self reflection meditations where there was minimal distractions. Searching up on pinterest left me seriously wondering where all the good home gyms were. There was practically nothing in the style that I felt represented me most. It was a priority that the space have the same flow with the rest of the house. It needed to feel light, airy, simple and a bit boho. I just had to come up with something from scratch.


This bedroom had an outdated closet that simply isn’t it my budget to makeover right now. It was the sliding mirrored doors that made me cringe. Naturally, this was torn out pretty early on from living in the house. My solution was to use a shower curtain (they are ALWAYS cuter than curtains) with a tension rod to hide the lower half that has some spacious shelves so I could still store things away. I knew I wanted to keep the top shelf exposed for something. I ended up placing some accessories, cute neutral workout books (that you can’t see in the photo) and a small SmartTV so I can watch workout videos, run podcasts, etc. comfortably. The TV is so light it is easy to move it around wherever needed too! The moroccan poof has a basket with fresh towels and to the side (not shown) there is a basket with yoga mats ready to grab.

The floors needed to be comfortable enough to do exercises and lay down. I purchased a mat especially for this off amazon which you can find on my amazon shopping list and then tossed over a cute printed rug from ROSS to add some style. This also tends to be Gambit’s favorite spot to lay down and chew on his treat (dogs are so smart!). Also, what kind of room would it be in my house if there weren’t cacti everywhere?! That’s a must.


Okay so ceiling fans drive me crazy. 95% of the time I hate them and this home originally came with a ceiling fan in EVERY. SINGLE. ROOM. It took a lot of convincing and shopping to convince Sep to change half of the light fixtures we did in the home, but knowing this was going to be a room for exercise it made no sense to me to change it. This was only due to the fact that this ceiling fan wasn’t that bad or outdated, but I still had to spruce it up. I did love the wood tone and the crescent moon detailing where the wings are attached, but the bulbs, glass covers and pull things had to go. I took the glass covers out and added vintage light bulbs and simple black tassels for the fan and light switches. What an update!


Do you have a home gym? If not, are you inspired to create one?

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