My Vivid Red Hair



Within the past ten years, I have tried almost every professional line of hair dye in my attempt to get the perfect shade of red. Despite my best efforts to give some brands the benefit of the doubt, nothing was ever vibrant enough, and if it was, it didn’t last me very long. A handful of years ago I stumbled upon a hair-dye line named Vivids by a company known as Pravana. It was instant love.

Pravana Vivids provides outstanding pigmented colors in a variety of different shades like: silver, yellow, orange, pink, wild orchid, violet, green and blue. I personally use just straight red.

They are direct dyes which means that the color you see on the tube is the color that will show up on your hair, provided that it is pre-lightened (yep, you have to bleach or lighten!). The dye is in a toothpaste-like tube that kinda makes it harder to get every last drop out, so I normally cut the top off and squeeze it into a plastic bowl. They do also come in easier packaging now with the XL sizes that (luckily) the shade red comes in, but good luck because they’re literally alwaysssss sold out.

This product is fairly easy to apply and requires no peroxide developer to use. Due to the strength of the dye, expect hard to remove stains if you aren’t careful with handling and kiss your white fabrics GOODBYE because this stuff stains everything. I have personally accepted this as my life.

Before applying the dye, I recommend using Vaseline as a barrier around your hairline to avoid staining your skin. Make sure to also wear gloves to protect your hands! The instructions on the box say to leave the product in for 20-40 minutes and to process under heat for increased vibrancy. I normally extend this to 2-5 hours and use a shower cap to provide natural heat. Since there are no harsh chemicals in the dye, I feel safe having it set for much longer, plus it apparently nourishes your hair too (and smells soooo good).

It is recommended to use a sulfate-free shampoo with cool water to extend dye vibrancy. I try to limit hair washes to keep the color from fading as long as possible. Dry shampoos are also very helpful on days you do not wash your hair (LivingProof has one that is my faveeeee). You should also try to avoid chlorinated pool or salt water and prolonged exposure to sunlight because they definitely make your color fade faster!

This product is available through licensed professionals only but it should be easily accessible to find online now. As someone who is NOT a professional when it comes to hair specifically, use at your own risk! But honestly, that’s super dramatic (you have to be online) and nothing bad will happen. Just don’t get it in your eyes or eat it or whatever and you’ll be fine. It’s literally the easiest dye ever to apply. 


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