DIY Reupholstered Thrifted Bar Stools

The hunt has been on for temporary bar stools since we’ve been in this home. New ones have been out of the budget, and truthfully my interior style has been changing so often that I knew I did not want to splurge until I truly knew what would be the perfect option to flow with our living space.


I had seen several DIY videos showcasing easy to do reupholstering and I knew it was a project I needed to try whenever the opportunity presented itself. For this reason, I invested in a staple gun. So glad I did because a few weeks later I scored two bar stools from Goodwill for $10! They were having a half off sale and I knew with a little TLC they would look practically new.


Here are the simple steps I did in order to update these bar stools. Fabric was the only thing that needed to be changed, as everything else was in perfect condition.

1. Remove screws holding the seat together from underneath the chair. Pop out the piece

2. Begin to remove the black covering

3. Use scissors if needed to remove the fabric

4. Cut appropriate sizing using fabric of your choice. I used drop cloth that had previously been pre-lightened with bleach. Wrap chunks of fabric taught and staple in place

5. Complete by stapling in final piece for a cleaner look. You can choose to use a newer piece, but I stuck with the older one and didn’t mind since no one will be peeking under!


Here’s the final result! It’s easy as pie and looks updated + fresh.

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How To Style A Naked Cake

Naked cakes are just about my favorite sugary treat right now. I’m just drawn to it’s simplicity and rustic feel. The idea of decorating with fresh florals and greenery is total my thing to (I’m an earth sign so this is a no brainer)

Cakes can get real expensive, real quick and I didn’t have the energy to bake my own from scratch. I needed something fast, pretty and affordable. Well shoutout to Vons bakery because this cake was only $45! A simple trip to Trader Joe’s for some fresh floral and I was set.

So onto the flowers. There was a mixture of affordable blooms and greenery (Trader Joe’s is the best spot to purchase from hands down). I started layering the eucalyptus and mixing in stems from the wild bunches first. I used regular kitchen scissors to cut pieces from the stems to fit where they were being placed. I cut the stems of the spray roses and was adding them in between the greenery, just eyeballing the design and working with it in the moment. There really is no right or wrong way to doing this, you build as you go. My most important tip during the process is to focus on adding the floral to the bottom of the cake and add a few touches to the top. You should probably skip the between layer so it’s not overly done but it really just depends on the sizing of your cake. 



Will you be trying this DIY?


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