My Top 5 Nude Lipstick Picks

In celebration of National Lipstick Day, I’ve decided to share my top 5 favorite lipsticks in neutral nude shades. I’ve been so much more into nude lips the past two years because a softer look has been much more of my preference. It looks less harsh, especially with my fire red hair currently.

Let’s jump right in!

    So this has been my favorite shade for YEARS. I’ve purchased it in multiples, which is why I still have some because this sadly has been discontinued (don’t hate me for sharing it) BUT it’s the prettiest color and I just overall love Sephora liquid lipsticks. They’re pretty affordable and still feel comfortable to wear, plus they come in a ton of shades to choose from.
    Ever since MAKE UP FOR EVER re-did their formulation from the previous Aqua liquid lipsticks, they have been a game changer. No flaky lips, no gross smell and best of all a much better color selection. This shade is the first off the entire collection as the lightest nude. It’s ultra comfortable to wear
    This is the newest liquid lip I’ve tried recently and I’ve fallen in love! The brand represents clean makeup, no gross ingredients and pays attention to a minimal but attractive packaging. This is the type of liquid lip you want to pull out of your makeup bag while out, or leave out on your vanity because it’s that luxe looking. In addition to looks though, the product performs and is crazy comfortable with a pleasant scent. This shade is my favorite in the bunch and I believe they are now carried in Sephora.
    I’ve feature this brand on my blog before (before everything got deleted…*eye roll*) and it’s my dear friend Donna’s line. She sent me the lipsticks to try a couple years ago and to this day it still holds true that this shade and formulation has been quite impressive. She did such an amazing job on these, as trending with the liquid lippies I’m sharing, they are comfortable, smell nice and do not peel off or feel ultra dry. This is hands down my favorite must have shade!
    My final favorite is a regular lipstick. This is the bessssst nude color ever. It’s this perfect hint of peach nude that looks amazing mixed in the center with another lip or on it’s own with an ever so slightly darker lip liner. The formula is creamy and really pigmented. A little goes a long way. Since the lipstick itself is so soft you have to be careful to not press too hard when applying the lipstick because you’ll break it (haha) but otherwise it’s in my top list!

    Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and all thoughts are my own. 






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